June 14, 2016


Daily Devotionals are my weekly offering to God, I believe I am here to spread the word of God, back in 2013 I had major surgery to remove fibroids a simple surgery unfortunately it was anything but simple.........

I laid in the hospital bed suffering from what my Surgeons didn't know at the time were major complications from surgery I floated in and out of consciousness in pain that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. The medical staff was such a blessings they fought all night for me going over x-rays, charts and my symptoms to try and find out what was the problem. The remedy a tube the size of my pinky was placed down my nose through my throat to reach my stomach. My intestines had stopped working, after the tube was set up to a machine to pump my stomach I was given a drug called ativan.

Hallucinations and writing on the walls that I couldn't seem to read or make out I thought I was dying, more over I knew I'd die if the Dr.'s couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. At that time I realized I needed help from someone who could do the impossible, someone I knew from previous experience would come and help me, God. So, I prayed and asked God to get the tube out of my nose by this time it had been in for 3 days with each swallow I could feel it scratching the back of my throat. I told God if he did I would use my gifts, knowledge and creativity to spread the word, His word. 

So what's up with the time laps I mean it's 2016?

Well, this is my testimony, that after 3 years of making excuses I felt that he has confronted me and asked me why I hadn't held up my end of the bargain when he clearly has.

So here we grow, it is my prayer that you are blessed as I have been blessed through my weekly post.

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