June 30, 2016


I can not say how much joy I feel when I am acknowledged for my work, As a master stylist I try to always remain a student at my craft. Today I was told by a very good friend of mine and someone whom I look up to that I am very humble, the real me has a hard time accepting compliments and its a challenge to work on but I must say it really does feel insanely good to complimented and featured. 

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Chevon Sharp.
Ambitious, hardworking, resilient and incredibly talented 

– Chevon has a dangerous combination of skill and grit and it’s no wonder she’s well on her way to opening her own salon and building a successful beauty business in our city of Angels. We are super impressed by her and excited to share her story through edited excerpts of our interview below. 
Chevon, please share your story with us.  How did you get to where you are today? 
I am Chevon Sharp a true Cali girl to the core, born and raised in the beautiful sun shinny state of California deeply rooted in the city of Los Angeles. Hair has always been my true passion even as a child with a Barbie Beauty Salon as my first major Christmas gift request. 
I’ve been styling hair for over 12 years as a licensed hairstylist mastering the art of hair care and hair weaving systems. Blogging came to natural me with all the accumulated knowledge of not only 7 years as a stylist but also 7 years as a Mary Kay Beauty consultant. Taking on a life of its own Sharpcutzncolor.com turned from just a simple beauty blog to a Brand. 
I now have an online beauty supply, hair accessory store, hair extensions line and a product company in the making. I was briefly a contributing Beauty Editing for InspireLS online Magazine representing not just the West Coast but The United States of America’s perspective of beauty and the industry I love. 
While business is continuing to grow so are the dreams that surround them! I’m looking forward to one day hosting my very own show be it beauty or talk soup, beauty editing for InStyle Magazine among many others and more.