June 14, 2016


So what is Bloglovin? I know I asked myself the same question when I stumbled upon it, but when I did I thought ahhhhhhhhhh this is life, I love this and I know my clients and readers alike will too!
"All your favorite blogs in one place

Add the blogs you want to follow and you'll get all of their new posts in a feed on Bloglovin! And yes, you can add any blog." (Source Bloglovin)
How to follow blogs on Bloglovin’
You can search for ANY blog or website (with a valid RSS Feed or web address) and simply click “Follow”. You can then add them to a folder that you have created. I’ve set up numerous folders as categories to organize the blogs I follow. 

Ive made it pretty easy for you to follow mine simply click the link below! 

Follow my blog with Bloglovin