June 27, 2016


Opening a business and trying to glorify God throughout the struggle, ups and downs failed inspections all while totally going over BUDGET! 

And praising him anyway.....

Whew yes Lord first I wanna thank God for the second opportunity of owning my own salon for the second time. The first time was a bit challenging but it was set up to be a salon from the very beginning so my only real challenges were a car crashing into the front of my business the second month after opening and blowing out my electric panel. Now I'm not saying these are minor issue because when they happen they were Goliath but with God I was David and I slayed each issue quick precise and barely broke a sweat. 

With this second salon..... 

Hold on while I find a calf with out blemish to send up a burnt offering to Lord because it seems like that's what it's gonna take to get open for business! 

No, but in all seriousness this has to be the most patience testing experience of my entire life. Let's just focus on one of the issues the ADA restroom, I at one point would look out the corner of my eye at handicap people that's just how angry and frustrated I was with the upgrading budget breaking ADA bathroom. Keep in mind we found out after presenting plans to the city that they would require this. 

The improvements included moving the toilet twice after failing my first inspection, loosing my storage room due to failing the measurement requirements. 

  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Mirror
  • Toilet tissue holder 
  • Paper towel holder
  • Toilet seat cover dispenser 
  • Grab bars 
  • Soap dispenser 
  • New door lock 
  • Kick plates
  • Signs with braille and Ada acknowledgement 

And I'm more than sure I'm forgetting something oh yeah the new faucet to the sink per ADA. 

Needless to say I needed the Lord and continue to need him through these challenges. As my daily reading always seems to coincide with my life I know he's hear. I just at times wish he'd yell my name then I'd be like oh ok there go my bestie he up in hear! 

I'm approaching my final inspection and I'm drowning in fear and frustration but I have to press forward toward the mark. I have been given this gift and I must remember that.

I hope to encourage you motivate you and most importantly inspire you through my testimony of our God's movement in my life.