June 24, 2016


My struggles in reading the Bible daily, it's is my prayer that you are blessed through my testimony. One thing I have always had issue with is consistency in daily reading of the word. I have attempted and failed every year that I've tried to read the bible in a year. 

Find out the revelation I received through my failures........

Once I made it to the apostles but unfortunately the other tries I've been trapped in the Old Testament. But this year I've discovered that while I'm failing I'm failing forward in Christ! The Old Testament as old as it may be is full of valuable situations, stumbling blocks, lessons and revelations that we as followers in Christ must understand. So while I thought I was letting myself and God down he was lifting me to a higher biblical understanding. 

For example Leviticus and deuteronomy why are they in the bible? Who can stay awake while reading this? Why oh why God I just can't keep reading about these calfs without blemish. During my whining and complaining and almost falling asleep the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I must read this to comprehend the fact that all these detailed instructions where directly from God; and Moses was able to hear that much and retain it to tell the people plus write it down! While I can barely hear a few words. 

This year while reading I discovered what Moses had done from challenging God about killing the stiff neck generation, we are all descendants of,  to him kindeling Gods anger to a degree that he would die before seeing the land flowing with milk and honey. I was so hurt for Moses I actually had to apologize to God for judging him for what he had done to Moses! Yes it was that serious, and another revelation came. I had once asked myself why was Moses talking to Jesus like why was he there I couldn't understand that. After this years changeling start to reading I of course didn't figure it out but God revealed that Moses ministered to Jesus because he like Jesus knew he was going die and still had to complete the commandments and challenge presented to Him by God.  

I will continue to press forward in reading and hope that this encourages and challenges you to commit to reading the Bible daily! I use the Youversion Bible application on my iPhone BTW!!!