June 16, 2016


This week at the salon Ive been challenged between old school booking with text and phone conversations verses online booking that is available 24/7 365. 

Find out why inside......
As a stylist for 13 years now Id like to think I have a pretty decent size clientele, the territory that comes along with having a clientele is usually just like Rihanna's latest hit "work, work, work, work, work!" This is the driving force behind me joining styleseat 3 years ago, I found myself double booking, forgetting to put an appointment on the books and forgetting what my day looked like altogether amount many other challenges. 

Styleseat was the ultimate solution not only do I have my schedule at my finger tips but I also could offer clients a way to book thier own appointments and receive confirmation right then and there that the appointment was made. 

But with all things technical there are some major challenges and I'll just list a few:
  1. Booking the wrong service or simply changing their mind at the time of appointment what service they'd like to receive.
  2. Booking appointment in your name for someone else.
  3. Not booking at all just looking at the schedule then contacting me. 

The list could go on and on and on, however, I think the pros far out weigh the cons.

I'd like to keep this an on going post just to discuss and keep you posted on how I overcame the challenges listed and this that may arise in the future, because we all know nothing is bullet proof or in this instance hair proof!