June 22, 2016


Peruvian extensions have hit the market and are among the leading ethnicity textures used. But many are asking what is Peruvian hair like, how is the texture compared to Malaysian or Indian? Team Bravon was interested in Peruvian hair when it originally hit the market and heres some info we've found.

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According to the National Continuous Survey (Instituto Nacional de Estadística e Informática or INEI 2006) (limitedly reliable, being a self-identification survey), 59,5% self-identified as Mestizos, 22.7% as Quechuas, 2.7% as Aymaras, 1.8% as Amazonians (Yanesha people), 1.6% as Black/Mulatto, 4.9% as White and 6.7% as Others (Chinese, Japanese, others). 
With multicultural mixture ranging from Japanese to African Peruvian Hair is coarser and thicker than Brazilian hair. So in turn the thicker your hair the better the blends with Peruvian Hair Extensions.
Peruvian hair is naturally straight, wavy or very curly natural colors range from dark or light brown, and sometimes in the less occurring slightly blonde shades. 
Its our fave because it will provide you with the strength and body of Brazilian hair with the smoothness and luster of European hair.