June 26, 2016


Many of my clients purchase hair from me and they are excited and ready to look fierce. Weaves make you feel some type of way and I love to see my clients light up when they see themselves with a new look be it a bob or long flowing locks. Over the years one things that has concerned me is them taking the weave down themselves, and it's not for the reason your probably thinking. 

Find out inside.....

I know how it feels after the 8 weeks of not being able to touch your scalp and I too have been in a desperate hurry to get my weave out and accidentally cut some of my own hair out! SSSSSSSSHH don't tell nobody else! However, this isn't what concerns me its the care and storage of the hair after the instal is no longer desired. 

Ive had clients believe it or not store dirty hair in a plastic bag and to their surprise it not only smells unpleasant but its also extremely dry! I want to prevent that for you as I have my clients. I advise that the hair be properly shampooed and conditioned, dried and store in a silk scarf or baggie (P.S. silk storage bags are coming soon). 

Here is a quick, easy and efficient way to care for your hair! 

I hope this helps, please be sure to forward all question to info@bravonhairextensions.com
Love your Master Stylist