June 13, 2016


If only we all could grow hair the perfect length we desire and style it perfectly on a daily basis, if only in real life we all have families, workouts, jobs and bad hair days which is where weaves or extensions come into play.

Bravon Hair Extensions is my extensions baby, it's the hair I wear and love! My extensions are top quality, but aside from me just providing my clients with great hair I also enjoy the educational aspect I can provide to readers as well. I know hair like the back of my hand and seek to offer you not only quality extensions but answers to many questions you may have and should ask when purchasing extensions.

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One of the most common questions you should ask and get the answer to are: 
1. What length should I buy? Ask yourself where do you want the hair to fall and if your not adding length are you adding fullness or color? 
2. What texture should I get? Do you want naturally curly hair low maintenance hair or silky straight hair?

3. How are you planning on wearing the extensions? Extensions can be worn in a variety of ways as tape in, clip in, wigs, or the traditional way where the hair is braided and the extensions sewn on. This will lead to the next questions.

4. How much hair do I need to purchase? Depending on how you are wearing the extensions and the length you'd like to accomplish that determines the amount of hair. Let's use bundles for an example, if your going all the way out and purchasing 28" hair you will not get the same amount of tracks as you would in a 10" bundle. Tracks are the part of the extensions that are sewn in you an get 10-12 tracks out of a 10" bundle verses 3-4 tracks out of a 28" bundle.

5. What is your budget? This is an important questions because often times clients will buy the hair without consulting on price. And, the hair you just purchased you cant afford to get put in. I always advise clients on my cost to provide the service and then let them look at the price list for the hair. While we all want to look good breaking the bank isn't or doesn't have to be apart of the equation. If you preplanned a bundle each month leading up to the weave installing appointment can be purchased its not a money saver but pacer! 
Here is a photo that can give a general idea of what you may be looking for because each texture is different when it comes to where the length will fall be it shoulder length or mid back. 

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