June 13, 2016


If on we all could grow hair this long right?

Bravon Hair Extensions is my extensions baby and given it the manta "the RED BOTTOMS of premium virgin hair." My extensions are top quality, but aside from me just providing my clients with great hair I also enjoy the educational aspect I can provide to readers as well. I know hair like the back of my hand and seek to offer you not only quality extensions but answers to many questions you may have.

Find out more inside.....
One of the most common questions are 
What length should I buy?
What texture should I get?
Here is a photo that can give a general idea of what you may be looking for
Now this gives a general over view of the most common textures on the market. You can see curly vs. straight is about an inch difference to where the hair naturally falls, so the tighter the curl the short the natural fall. A popular texture which we of course carry is the kinky curly which is a very drastic difference in natural fall from straight. 

I always advise finding a photo of a celebrity or maybe someone you follow on instagram who post fabulous hair pics to give you an idea of what you want your install to be inspired by. 

I've chosen Kelly Rowland she's one of our #WHC (Woman Hair Crush) 
This is kinky curly Brazilian or Peruvian and the lengths are at the longest 28" and the shortest 12" with about 5 bundles. Wow that's a lot of hair but, doesn't it look fabulous? 
Stay tuned I'll be posting some of your #WHC and giving you the breakdown of texture, length and bundle amount to help you achieve the same look. 

Please feel free to leave comments.questions.suggestions or if you'd like to order email me at sharpcutzncolor@gmail.com my extensions website is under construction.