July 29, 2016


As a business owner I've always prided myself on doing things right be it in my furniture selection, paint color or something as simple as the purple fabuloso that makes the salon smell good after a good cleaning. But, the most important decision I've made and continue to make is to put things in a Godly order, giving him thanks and continuing to seek his guidance during difficult times.

If your a business owner I know you can relate, and for those of you who are considering opening a business I will not lie to you it is a daily struggle. Not in the sense of "oh there's so much that needs to be done," because of course our daily require that same amount of attention. It is the struggle of trusting in God that he has helped you through and in spite of things not being perfect he is and always will be the driving force behind your business.

This months challenges or should I say ULTIMATE CHALLENGE was canceling a planned family vacation that included myself and Bae along with my two sisters, mother, brother in law, a cousin and my three nieces because I had to take care of a major security issue at the salon. Needless to say if you know me you know I live for a fab vacay and not going not only hurt my feelings but it caused me to think what am I doing.

Yet while I may be unsure God is not as it turns out the week I would have been out of town was my highest grossing week in he salon in the month of July EVER! Of course the answer to that awful second guessing question was answered, and while I look forward in business I'm also looking forward to next summers vacation I know its going to be a blast and I'll be able to look back at this summer and smile.

Do you have challenges? Of course you do! I invite you to follow my pinterest board entitled "The Word" it's a place for the Lord in this busy social media world.