July 12, 2016


In the salon I'm sure as most of you know there are some very interesting convo's going on, some pertaining to hair but more often than not most are about Atlanta Housewives, Love and Hip Hop and of course MEN! This past Saturday was about electric flat irons and the damage they can potentially cause when improperly used or overly used.

Check out more of the topic inside....

In my line of work due to the overwhelming amount of how to's on YouTube most clients think they are besides the profession they practice, hairstylist. Now don't get me wrong I love a client that can handle the in between time of appointments. I see nothing wrong with that, however, when a debate begins and its between client and stylist sometimes it can be a little just a little silly. 

Electric flat irons are great I have a few of them a Chi and a T3 and bay bliss (don't you dare go buy them I'm sure which ever one you have is just fine). Now the debate wasn't between one of my clients and myself but between another stylist and her client. It all started when the client expressed the fact that her weave hair that she just bought was dry and dull and lifeless and how she couldn't understand why and what was the stylist doing differently to cause this. 

Side note as a stylist you get blamed for pretty much everything pertaining to hair and that's fine it comes with the territory, so when a client blames us the first few questions we generally ask are:

1. What are you doing at home? 
2. Do you wrap your hair every night?
3. Are you using heat every day?

Probing is the best way to get the information you need, in general the heat question is the jackpot. After the stylist found out that the client was flat ironing her hair herself she advised her to stop and just as she was doing so I pull out my T3 and commence to flat ironing my clients weave. She then looks over at me and says she's using one I thought you just said how bad they are etc, etc. 

After the client left we went over our opinions of the flat irons, only 2 out of the 5 stylist at my current location uses them, so we throw out ideas of why they aren't good to use especially for everyday use by the clients. The major points were:

1. The temperature what is is set to? 

The highest possible turn it down!

2. How many passes are you going over the same section of hair more than 2 times? 

STOP IT! Once should be enough if it is just touching up your style.

3. How often are you using it? 

Every day, knock it off and wrap your hair at night don't know how learn how here!