July 19, 2016


A word to the wise, edge control is just that– edge control! I’ve been thrown off lately by the number of clients that come in with a messy bun or sleek ponytail. Not because a messy bun or ponytail aren’t cute, but because when asked “what’s in your hair,” the response is typically “edge control.” 

One of the main reasons I ask clients this question is because I don’t want any surprises at the bowl! Products such as wax, grease, heavy oil and edge control leave film on the hair. These products do not leave just any film, but a thick film that shampoo cannot penetrate once the hair has been wet. 

More importantly, that product film causes uneven hair color or cellophane treatment (semi-permanent hair color). Another reason that edge control is not good for the client or their hair is that these products, especially edge, control require a dry shampoo. What is a dry shampoo? Well it is when your stylist has to put shampoo in your hair before wetting it to STRIP your hair of whatever product you have in it along with all your natural oils. The hair is left extremely dry after this process and a deep conditioning is required after such a treatment.

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