July 7, 2016


The UGLY truth about the conversion and no we're not talking about converting from chemically treated or pressed hair to natural! 

While many are perplexed on should they or should they not just do it and go for the big chop, surprisingly many women within the "natural" hair community are pondering something all together totally different and we had no idea about until about 5 months ago......

As a stylist for 13 years I get new clients all the time people are either traveling from out of town and need a fresh do for the adventurous vacay they planned in LA, or they're unsatisfied with their current stylist, or they saw my pic of a silk press on Instagram and wanna come check out my skills and services, or and the list goes on and on.

These are all totally norm for me but, about 5 or 6 months ago when I should have been slow due to the crazy heat of the summer I was really busy. First it started with one then two then 6 then I was up to about 10 new clients in a matter of two weeks who all were tired of the natural and wanted to switch back to a press.

You'd think I'd be super excited about it right, well you are mistakenly wrong and here's my list of reasons why:

1. I have to use an amount of heat that on most clients would burn their hair straight out of their scalp, just to get the hair straight enough to then flat iron it again with a high amount of heat to get to the next step.

2. The BIG CHOP yes your second big chop that no one told you about when you decided to go natural should you ever decide to cross the street back on the side of un-natural hair. (please see #5 for the reason why)

3. More heat! using a curling iron this time because I need to get the hair straight enough to at least hold some curls before it frizzes right back up sometimes the very next day.

4. Truth be told you need to come in once a week for about a month before we can get the situation under control to get your hair to last at least 1 full week.

5. Your hair is more than likely very damaged and broken because wet hair stretches 50% more than dry hair which only stretches about 10% all these percentages simply = a ton of broken hair strands that were stretched and stretched and stretched during your natural experience of combing and styling your hair while wet.

Now before I go any further let me issue this disclaimer:


What I am against is mis-information, or the lack of education many offer when promoting natural hair. I'll be sure to post an article specifically dedicated to natural hair and natural hair education so be sure to subscribe to the blog so you don't miss out on any of my hairducation.

We are women we change our minds as often as the wind blows and theres absolutely nothing and when I say nothing I mean nothing! Wrong with that I love hair, hair is my life and I want you to love your hair too regardless of how you wear it.

The purpose of this article is to inform you for the ugly truth about converting back over to the un-natural side, it is a tough choice and should be well thought out because a little heat ruins the curl pattern you've worked so hard to achieve. Most importantly I don't want you to think poorly of your stylist if it takes time to retrain your hair or if like many of my clients your hair needs to be cut. High expectations are no ones bestie realistic expectations are tho.