August 16, 2016


Shopping for my salon was probably one of the most fun, time consuming, back and forth, unsure, sure, totally sure and uh oh not sure things I've ever done. I sat for hours and I'm not exaggerating looking over floor plans, fabrics, styles and everything else in between but one thing was for sure I wanted it to be black and I wanted a chandelier. 

Many of my clients ask when they come in how did you come up with this? I say "In my head" not because I want them to think I'm such a great salon designer but I don't want to take away the awe factor by talking about the family vote for the receptionist desk color or chair. 

When I was designing and selecting I had one thought in mind a fabulous space for everyone who has a chance to enter through the doors of Sharp Beauty Lounge. I wanted women from all walks of life, different backgrounds, different jobs, married or unmarried to experience what many of us drive out to South Coast or Beverly Hills to find and experience. 

I love the hair industry and I love my job most importantly I love me clients this is why we have:

  • 3 steamers
  • 5 of the fastest hooded dryers (for our weaves clients)
  • 3 shampoo stations
  • 5 stylist stations, 
  • a plush restroom because why should the fabulocity stop at the powder room door
  • coffee bar 
  • and more. 

I'm currently looking for MUA'S, Henna artist, Braiders, Natural Hair Stylist and of course last but not least Hair Stylist.

The salon is located in the beautiful city of Torrance 1834 W. 182nd St our shopping center recently under went refacing and beautification. 

2 stations are still available please email me