August 29, 2016


Yes I am here for this! 

So let's break down the stylinng of Beyonce's hair for the VMA's red carpet and performance segment of the show. 

Can you say half up half down vixen weave? Yes youre looking at the very least 28" beach wave hair 1 1/2 bundles in the top minimum and 2-3 bundles for the back. There are two french braids in the top section that connect and form one braid that is braided down to the ends. The back section is a fishtail style french braid and as seen in the first photo the top braid is then bobby pinned on top of the lower braid. 

Do we love this style? Absolutely for two reasons 

1. It shows the versatility of the vixen half up half down weave.
2. The braiding style gives you two options, the first is you can weave it braided for a week or maybe even two and then undo the braids to get that wave effect as Bey did during her performance. 

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