August 11, 2016


In my professional opinion, NO which I’m sure your find surprising and puzzling at the same time.

Everyone has at some point in their lives worn a weave and after taking it down you think, “Hey my hair is longer.” Well, you thought right because it was and is longer. Now I’m certain you’re thinking, “Okay wait, I thought you just said it doesn’t grow your hair.” I did, so let me further explain.

On average your hair naturally grows at a rate of ½ an inch a month that would mean after taking your weave out two months later your hair has grown 1 full inch. The funny part is one has nothing to do with the other if your hair was in a pony tail, individual braids, dreads, or any other style after two months it will naturally grow 1 inch.  In the case of wearing a weave there is no difference.  

I would like to discuss two very important things that tend to happen to the hair while wearing a weave. These two common problems I see way too often. The first is loss of hairline and the second is breakage and severe heat damage to the hair that was left out of the weave. I’d like to discuss them because these two issues are everyday challenges for me as a stylist, especially since I pride myself on healthy hair promotion.
Hairline loss, we see it everyday if not on ourselves we see it definitely on others. The loss of a hairline is contributed to one or two things, the hair being braided too tight over and over again and or lack of conditioning the hair. When we wear weaves we think Oh how convenient they are and we can just get up and go! Not so, your hair is still under there. Braiding too tight especially on back-to-back weaves is asking for trouble. One thing I do for my clients is altering wear I begin the braid and using a net this adds stability to the braids so I don’t have to make them so tight that the hair is pulled out. Ask your stylist what options you have?
Next, is the lack of moisture from failing to condition the hair while it’s in the weave. When I do a weave maintenance service I put conditioner around the hairline regardless if it’s braided up or not and also in between the tracks directly on the braids. When hair isn’t properly conditioned it dries out and if this is done while in braids it’s worse because the hair tends to breaks off.
The last thing I’d like to touch on is the damaged, broken and burned hair that is left out of the weave. Again we think weave so we fail to wrap the hair, comb or brush the hair or anything else for that matter and only concern ourselves with fixing the hair once it looks bad and then we add excessive amounts of heat for styling purposes. In doing this we eventually end up with bone straight broken hair. How do we prevent this from happening? Simply take care of your weave like it’s your hair because is it after all you paid for it!