August 9, 2016


For many years I have listened to my clients ask some really interesting questions about hair, hair care, hair products and tools. Often I find myself thinking "who came up with this stuff and why do so many of us want to believe them?" The answer is simple because we all have hair and we all want it to be PERFECT!

Unfortunately I have to on a regular basis burst my clients bubble when they think they have located the magical secret issued out by a youtuber. So, with out further-a-due:

#1: Don't pluck your greys 

Myth: 1 grey plucked = 10 more that grow back

False the Truth is: Plucking your greys doesn't stimulate more grey hair to grow, but what it does do is actually worse. First, it can create scaring in the hair follicle from the plucking secondly it creates an unruly grey that grows back. The solution love your wisdom that's growing through your hair or simply color it.

#2: Split Ends Cure

Myth: You can purchase products that will "heal" your split ends.

False the Truth is: There are no magical serums or potion #9's to mend those split ends they unfortunately have to be cut. Now I know that you're trying to grow your hair long or grow out those layers but not trimming them wont get you there any faster. Trim often at least every 6 weeks. 

#3: Panteen Is The Same As Pureology

Myth: Store purchased products are just as good as professionals

False the Truth is: As much as I'd like to think they are because that's what the majority of my clients use at home store bought products are not equal to professional. I often win the argument when a client sees how easy I can comb their hair after a shampoo or how much time IT DOESN'T take to blow dry. While it maybe easy to assume your stylist is just selling you products he or she may actually be offering you what works best on your hair so keep that in mind. 

#4: Dandruff Cure 

Myth: Oiling your scalp or purchasing dandruff shampoos gets rid of the dandruff problem 

False the Truth is: Dandruff is internal and caused by excess oil production or a skin disorder of the scalp that can be managed but not cured. This is something many of my clients struggle with I can only offer topical sollutions a dermatologist can actually determine the source and temporary solution. 

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