August 12, 2016


Uh yeah you read the post title correctly, and hunty let me tell you it took everything in me to maintain my composure because my weight and lack of exercise is something Ive been struggling with since last year in August when I almost broke my ankle exercising.  

I mean dont get me wrong I have pretty thick skin I deal with women 24/7 and we are and can be a lot. But, for some odd reason this really bothered me. As a professional of course I finished her hair and gave her excellent customer service because I am a business owner and a master hair stylist. So I took that energy and redirected it to getting back to my healthy lifestyle. 

This week while shopping those words played over and over in my head and I made a very great shopping experience out of it. Bread no thanks, taco shells lets just say we're skipping a day of the week AKA no taco tuesday for me! Cookies you are the devil, beer stear clear, and the bypasses went on and on up and down the trader joes isles. I will confess I purchased to peach bellini's tho I mean come on!

I think a month of clean eating will give me that boost I need to get back into the gym, and I'll be taking you guys with me! Posting my grocery list any fitness person/persons I follow, and all things I eat daily this is serious and your more than welcome to join. No one will be able to say anything but "damn girl you lookin fit!" LOL