August 15, 2016


By now I'm more than sure you know I am a hairstylist and have been for 13 years, along with that experience I can honestly say I do not have a single client who lost their edges while sitting in my chair. I have on the other hand had clients who moonlight with another stylist or who play in their hair in the in between time that come to me looking for a miracle. Many times I am successful in growing them back and the rest of their hair as well. But, it never fails as soon as they grow back they are once again lost.

One thing that Ive had to do and I hate doing is tell my clients NO! 

No I will not continue to perm your hair if you will not take care or it. 

No I will not color your hair if you will not take care of it. 

No you can not get that style it pulls your edges out and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately the mindset does not change, I thought to write this article not to chastise you but to inform you if you are like many women who suffer from loss of edges. 

So why don't you have edges lets look at some of the most common reasons. 

1. Weaves, uh oh now don't get upset with me ladies I know you love your weaves I love them too but often times they don't love us back and they show us by SNATCHING our edges and not the way Beyonce does this virtually they do it literally. 

Here are somethings you can do:
  • stop wearing them all together 
  • leave your edges out
  • don't wear them past 8 weeks (I know tell my clients 6 weeks max)
2. Braids yes gurl braids just like weaves your hair may not like them, I've seen children yes children who wear braids that don't even get fake hair added loose their edges as well. 

Here are somethings you can do:
  • stop wearing them 
  • don't get fake hair added at the beginning of the braids (this is for cornrows only)
  • don't pull them up into different styles until you've worn them for at least 2 week
3. Ponytails, can I just say a good ponytail doesn't = a too tight ponytail. I have clients who loose not only edges but also their nape section AKA the hair in the back due to too tight of a pony

Here are somethings you can do:
  • stop wearing them so tight and if you can stop wearing them all together
  • take your ponytail down at night, sleeping in your ponytail is not good especially if you wear it too tight 
  • don't use rubber bands use soft hair ties 
4. Hormones/drugs/birth control often times when someone tells me their hair is falling out I do not take it lightly it is serious and a sign that something is internally wrong if you aren't doing anything that is listed above. 

Here are somethings you can do:
  • check your prescriptions and birth control to see if a major side effect is hair loss if it is talk to your physician about an alternative.
  • get a physical when is the last time you had one? Iron deficiency, vitamin D and any other vitamin or mineral deficiency can cause loss of hair. 
  • have your thyroid checked the thyroid is a major organ in a woman's body when it comes to the skin hair and nails if you are having thyroid issues symptoms like hair loss are common and you should get yours checked. 
I can't say it enough I love hair especially the edges after all they are the beginning and end of a great hairstyle, ponytail and the more popular baby hair styling that's taken us by storm. Stay tuned for the next hair-ducation post.