September 22, 2016


I have been working on my natural hairstyling, learning new things is always a fun thing for me especially when I have clients that allow me to play in their hair. My Client Ms. Lori has for the past 16 years worn her hair in a twist out that she herself was doing at home. She first came to me because she was interested in getting her hair straightened for the holidays, after she made a few more hair straightening appointments but decided it wasn't for her and she was going to stick with natural.

We've spent about 3 years shampooing and conditioning her hair and she would then go home to twist it, why you may be asking I think its just a creature of habit type of thing. For 2016 I challenged her to wear natural braided styles to get her hair healthy she was unfortunately not using the best products on her hair at home. After a few visits she has now turned into my every two weeks with out fail natural braided style client!

I use Sebastian Drench Shampoo and conditioner followed by a 30 minute steam treatment, blowdry with nourishing leave in conditioner and a few styling products for oiling the scalp and creating smooth braids. My favorite so far are Coconut Oil Hair & Scalp Conditioner by Proclaim from Sally Beauty, also Vonte smooth effects followed by a spritz or two of Aquage brilliant shine to add sheen.