September 21, 2016


We now have two stylist working at the salon along with myself and a few upgrades that I see I need to make are including more hair dryers and steamers. Most importantly attaching them to the wall, I currently have my dryers and steamers both on floor stands. This was ok until I saw how much floor space they take up.

This is a problem for the amount of square footage I have, by mounting them on the walls the chair widths will dictate the spacing between the clients not the dryer stands. When I was first setting up my salon I knew I was dealing with a limited amount of space but I still wanted to get the most bang for my buck. I utilized a few tools online while floor planning to map out exactly where every piece of equipment would go here are a few examples from pinterest.

It is more than just importantly when you plan to open a business, and not just a salon but any type of business that you get the specs on every single detail even the minors that seem insignificant can make a huge difference once the equipment arrives. 

My salon floor plan is the most similar the last plan example minus the nail technician's station. I will post before and after photos of the dryer area with the floor bases verses the wall mounts to show you the difference. 

Next time on The Salon we'll discuss continued improvements that I am making as an owner to accommodate the stylist and clients alike.