September 23, 2016


I'd like to think nothing is more challenging than keeping my salon clean on a daily basis on top of my already busy schedule servicing clients. So far I believe I am doing an awesome job with time management which in turn allows be to do exactly that, keep my salon clean. 

Managing time is a hard thing for a full time stylist and part time owner, I say part time because the majority of the time I'm in the salon is spent being a stylist. So what exactly do I do in order to achieve my daily cleanliness goal? 

*Remember this can work for any type of business you own and work at.*

1.The first thing you must always do is keep a running inventory of your cleaning supplies and all things you need to run your business like trash bags or tissue. By doing this I'm not running out of any of my salon necessities and I have the necessary tools to clean.

2. Access the damage before leaving and determine if I'm the last person at work do I have time to for ex. take out the trash before I leave? If yes then do it, it not only saves time but it also prevents you from forgetting the next day and welcoming your stylist and clients to stinky trash bright and early in the AM. 

3. Check equipment and wipe down if needed, I unplug all equipment at the end of the night this is the time where I can see if something needs to be wiped down or cleaned and if I'm the last stylist I take care of then. If not the following morning I will tend to the dirty equipment. 

4. Empty out towel bins, I do this no matter what time I'm leaving to keep clean fresh towels in rotation, I have a bit of OCD so I just simply cant do towel service. 

5. Bathroom check this means emptying trash, checking tissue, paper towels and soap. Depending on how busy the day is I will sweep the bathroom floor if time allows. 

6. Sweeping, this is done after each client so I just take it a step further and sweep common areas to ensure the floor just isn't covered in hair. 

Now these are things I do daily so by the time Saturday rolls around the salon is in working condition. Sunday and Monday are used for deep cleaning service to start the week off fresh Tuesday. 

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