September 20, 2016


So where do I begin, well I have always just about owned a pet be it a dog or cat or fish and Bae never has so when we decided to move in together I kinda missed that. There was so many things to do and buy and decorate that I just kinda thought oh well maybe when we get our dream home I'll have the Husband the dog the picket fence and maybe a child or two. As it turns out I couldn't wait any longer. Ive been harassing him since last year I think LOL, I wanted a puppy and he just wasn't going for it. Recently I said, "what about a kitty?" To my surprise he agreed.

We came to the decision to adopt while searching for the top 10 best breeds out of the 10 Russian Blues were our absolute favorite and so the search began. No matter what I clicked on I kept getting diverted to adoption/shelter sites. After thinking for approx. 30 minutes Deon and I both agreed adoption was the best choice for us for two reasons:

1. There are so many gorgeous cats just waiting to be adopted
2. We wanted to do our part as animal lovers and give a kitten a forever home

Zack or Wacky Zacky as we like to call him has changed our daily routine like you would not believe but we love him to pieces and he's the cutest!

More to come from our adoption process and experience next!