September 30, 2016


Over the past few summers my braided style clientele has grown tremendously, now I'm not box braider or individuals for that matter but I do get a little creative with goddess braids and updo styles that require braid hair. Something I was introduced to by accident is Rastafari's 82" Knaekalon braid hair. 

If your a stylist or someone who wears braids often I'm sure you've found the amount of hair in a regular braid pack is a little shaky. It seems to be getting slimmer and slimmer I can remember back in the day 6 bags would be more than enough for a full head of individuals with some to spare. With this new Rasta pack while most beauty supplies sell it for 6.99 it is about 4 bags of the regular hair combined you can either leave it long or cut it in half. In general it gives you more options and more hair! A special thanks to Rastafaribraid hair for sponsoring this post. 

Here are a few looks I've done using Rasta

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