September 28, 2016


Ok so this thing called working out i mean who doesn't want a body like Mankofit I'm more than sure you all follow her just like I do with her 2 million followers, perfect body having self! I always look at what shes eating and how far her body has come over these past 2 years that shes been active on IG, and I can honestly say I am no closer than I was 2 years ago with my fitness goals.

I think a part of the problem is laziness, the second issue is time and lastly the third issue is schedule. Being a hairstylist isn't that glamorous when it comes to time and having a set schedule like those who punch a clock. Of course they're perks for running your own business but there are also some jaw dropping cons. In my previous post I discussed time management and cleaning, however, there are a few other issues regarding time I must tackle. 

Working out and healthy eating is next on my list, make sure you follow my pinterest board "A Body To View." I will first be assessing my finances because I think at this point I need a trainer it's that real. I decided to write this because I know many of you maybe facing the same struggle and if your not please post in the comments so the rest of us can jump on the program you're on. 

The first part of this challenge for me is sticking to my listed schedule on styleseat. Often times I'll get a call or text that a super late or super early appointment is the only option for a client, but more often than not poor planning and time management on the clients side is what causes the emergency. No shade because we all need to master the 24 hours we're given and making the most of them, for me this is a top priority for health reasons so Ive gotta get it all the way together. 

Here is my schedule as it stands 

The time break down is Wednesday-Friday 9-5, which means the earliest appointment is 9 o'clock and the latest to schedule is 5 o'clock. What that means is not that I'm leaving the salon at 5 I could potentially get a weave at that time and be at work until 8 or 9 o'clock. I couldn't fit the 5 PM hour in this screen grab so just to give you an idea I have a client at 5 PM all three days, hypethetically I won't leave work until 8 PM all this week. Saturday I work from 7AM to 2 PM again that's the earliest and latest you can book an appointment . 

*Now this is the early part of the week and unfortunately many of my clients book appointments the day before so the photo above is not accurate at all and I will follow up with on Saturday to show you the difference between the two photos.*

I'm going to work this schedule till the end of October and If I feel like anything needs revision my only options I'm allowing myself is to come in on Tuesdays from 9-5. Another option I have is to hire an assistant for shampooing and braiding to open up my current schedule more so that I can potentially take more clients per day. 

Sticking to this schedule will allow me to work out on a schedule that requires me to be in the gym at 5 AM no later than 6 AM, the goal is 5. 

The reasons I would like to have a trainer are as follows: 
  1. Diet, for my height 6" and weight 182 lbs, what should my target weight be? And, what NOT to eat.
  2. Fitness routine, I have absolutely no clue what to do at the gym I have been out of practise for way too long!
  3. Time management at the gym, I need to be in and out and accountable for my time in the gym.
  4. Maximize my time spent in the gym because who wants to sweat in vein? Uh not me!
This fitness journey is totally not for the faint at heart it is clearly a lifestyle choice, if you're like me and you own your own business it is hard to put yourself first but remember you cant be your best if you aren't at your best. 

Here are more topics I'll cover under this journey:
  • Potential Trainers I'm considering and there programs they offer
  • Food (If you know me personally this is a big one)
  • Fitness gear things like shoes and if you're supposed to wear ankle weights or waist trainers
  • HAIR HAIR HAIR what on God's green earth will I be doing with my hair 
  • Water I wrote a post about how much water I'm supposed to drink I'll be infusing water and researching the whole alkaline debate. 
Lets get it together because summer bodies are made in the winter LOL!

(Photo: Massy.Arias Instagram)