October 1, 2016


About a week ago I introduced you guys to our latest addition to the family Zack our Russian Blue kitten who is now 9 weeks old. After being at home with us for 3 weeks I started noticing that he was sleeping a lot I mean like only waking up to potty and eat.

A few other changes were constant scratching and bitting which lead me to believe he may have had fleas. Of course Bae and I set out online to find natural products to combat fleas and a conditioning shampoo conditioning combo to sooth his itchy skin.

Heres what we selected from our local Petco:

Espree Natural Kitten Shampoo

All Natural, made with human grade ingredients
Safe for sensitive pets including kittens and nursing or expecting mothers
Gentle, tearless, hypo-allergenic solution
Cleans effectively without drying or irritation
Cost $6

Natural Chemistry De Flea Pet & Bedding Spray for Cats

Made with natural cinnamon oil
Kills fleas on contact
Safe for use on all cats and kittens as well as their bedding
Made with natural cinnamon oil
Natural Chemistry De Flea Pet & Bedding Spray for Cats, 8 fl. Oz.
Cost $14

About a day after that I noticed he was missing hair under his eye, I talk it over with Deon he hadn't noticed it earlier that day so we think maybe he bumped it or scratch too hard. Next morning I see hair missing from the other eye I'm like ok what is going on with my Kitty I mean he's a model and he's way to cute to be looking like a mangy dog. Low and behold that evening I notice he's now missing fur on one of his paws and I'm upset and scared what's wrong with my wacky Zacky? I seek out some answers on google but cant seem to find a definitive answer just several things it could be but all non-life threatening.

After a hard night of worry we call Healthy Paws the adoption facility where we got Zack and Dawn the owner was very calming and told us to bring him down and shed check him out. We get there and she immediately says what I said in the first place Mange, she apologized and stated that unfortunately when kittens and cats are found and taken to facilities they do their best to care for them but are unable to foresee any future issues that may come.

Mishaps in adoption are common and we we're lucky to have adopted Zack from a responsible adoption facility that continues with aiding kittens after they are adopted. Zack was placed on a quarantine with another kitten that had been adopted about the same time who also had been affected by mange. That allowed us to come home and deep clean and bleach as much as we could to prevent a relapse Zack had been there for a week now and we are anxiously waiting for our little guy to come back home.

I wrote this article not to discourage you but to encourage you to adopt a pet they need loving homes and someone who will take care of them just like they're a member of the family. But, more importantly places like Healthy Paws need their cats to be adopted so they continue their work in rescuing surrendered or stray cats and kittens who are found.

Zack may have to stay for 2 weeks but Deon and I both agree that maybe too long but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. I will keep you all posted on Zack and his recovery, in the mean time be sure to check out my "Kitten Love" board on pinterest dedicated to Zack and all things cats!

*Thanks to Healthy Paws for sponsoring this post*