October 5, 2016


When I first started back blogging, this was one of the very first topics I discussed with you and unfortunately I fell off and boy did I fall off hard. I love sharing these type of things with you because it totally keeps the humanity in my writing, I mean who doesn't start something and life gets in the way? Who doesn't find it challenging to commit yourself to doing something every single day? If you don't that's awesome and consistency is one of your God given gifts! Seriously, we all have things that come easily to us mine isn't reading I confess I love photos and movies and things that keep my eyes busy. 

So here we go again I am starting all over fresh because like most people I totally need a reminder of what I read, the Bible is a complex book filled with names that can be hard to pronounciate or stories that may have been just stories at the time you read them and life happen and now those stories ring true to you. I'm actually excited I will be posting everyday what today's reading is this not only helps you with a reminder but it helps me and holds me accountable. 

There are tons of apps on our phones, computers and tablets I've chosen "Holy Bible" and the plan I've selected is "Eat This Book" my user name is Chevon Sharp for those who want to follow! 
The reason I chose this app:

  1. I like the interactiveness, you can follow and become friends with other members via your phone book and social media platforms. With this feature you can learn/see what others are reading, highlighting along with reading plans they are participating in. 
  2. Version selection I personally like KJV it is the version of my paper back BIBLE and I've grown to understand the language but for those of you looking for a different version you will definitely find it here.
  3. The plans currently I am on "Eat This Book," however there are tons of other plans to participate in for daily devotional and or daily struggles.
  4. Listen feature like most I can pronounce many of the names of those begotten in the old testament and even some of the cities with this feature I can read along and learn how to pronounce many of the interesting names like Mahalaleel. 
  5. You can set reminders for your reading and if you fall behind there is a catch me up feature! 
I could go on and on but those are my top five!

Currently I am two days in below are photos of what the app looks like on my phone along with days one and two, you have the option of following along with me and catching up or you can start when you feel compelled to. 

As you can see the plan is extremely user friendly with a daily list and check off after you've completed the chapter. I decided to read the BIBLE in it's entirety because it is the most interesting book on the face of the planet (in my opinion) aside from that it is to grow my faith and relationship with God. By spending time daily reading his word it will assist me in life in general the struggles that many faced in the BIBLE we still face today. I think most of all reading the BIBLE for yourself is one of the most powerful things we can do as believers.

I'd like to know more of what you'd like to see in these daily devotional post so please be sure to comment and also let me know if you've selected a different app and why so that I can feature it on the blog.