October 7, 2016


We are on this fitness journey ladies and gents I know I have been slaking on posting my Trader Joe runs it amazing how bizy life get and how if you dont take the time you will forget almost everything except to breath. Here is my week of shopping and what I managed to buy no helps to bae I'll fill you guys in on his grocery list at the end!

I'm going to try and meal prep but for now I'm doing two meals at a time to ensure food isn't waisted and to really track what i enjoy eating and what I really dont so the list for this weeks run was extremely limited!

On the list:
Almond milk 
Trader Joes Raisin Brand 
Applegate Turkey Lunchmeat
Meatless breakfast pattties (I only eat these on my days off when I have time to cook breakfast)
Tomatoes- Roma & Cherry 
Brussel Sprouts 
All the bell pepper colors 
Gren Onion 
2 heads of lettuce 
Russet potatoes 
Red onion 
Zuchini- yellow and green 
Persian cucumbers
2 dozen eggs
Oh and my cheat I almost forgot Pumpkin cranberry crackers for the days I eat tuna 

Deon's list:
Potatoe chips 
Butter Madagascar Vanilla cookies 
2 exotic beers

Um can anyone feel my pain why is it the men they always gotta show how they can eat terrible but still not have to work as hard as women to get in shape! In my quest to search for a trainer which will be updated this Sunday I have been googling meal plans and foods that I should stay away from and those I should learn to love to eat. Check out my pinterest board "A Body To View" for more food ideas. I'm working on my photog skills so that I can begin posting quality photos os foods I'm preparing.