October 2, 2016


We are on this fitness journey are you guys ready? If not I so am and I will do it for us all if I have to but somethings got to seriously change for me! In my previous fitness post "WORKING OUT IS HARD TO DO" I announced that I was ready to hit the gym but for several reasons to find out all my reasons here, a trainer is a necessity.

Spending money is something I love to do when shopping for products, clothes or things for Zack, on the other hand waisting money I absolutely hate! Now I'm not saying a trainer is a waist of money I think they are essential especially for those of us who have been missing in action from the gym. In the spirit of getting my monies worth AKA spending my money on what matters Ive come up with a list of things that are a must for me.

Because, your health and body are so important I think that this is a key determining factor in how serious you are and helping you find exactly what you want, what you're willing to pay for and more. Lets get into my list:
  1. Los Angeles California resident, I don't think I am disciplined enough for a virtual trainer I need someone I can see at least once a week (If I find in my search that this isn't possible I will have some alternates who live out of state on my list as well).
  2. Meal plan educated and provided, simply telling me what I can't eat because I love food so much is like taking me window shopping in Paris I mean come on I'm going to want to buy something and it may be some macaroons.
  3. I do not want to be forced to take supplements, I get it everyone wants multiple streams of income but let me just say this protein shakes and what not are simply not my thing I'd prefer to get it natural.
  4. Accountability I'd like some exercises where I'm charting something to track progress.
This is what I've come up with thus far my budget I'm going to base on the rule of 3, 3 quotes added together and divided by 3 will give me the average going rate and I will go from there. (P.S. during my IG lurking I found 4 so lets go and see what responses and pricing I get) 

Here is my potential list of trainers in Los Angeles that I will be reaching out to
In the mean time while I'm making my decision and doing my research on my fitness goals I will be doing an at home workout video by Cindy Crawford. Yes, Cindy Crawford its called the next challenge and you can laugh now but you'll be crying later if you join me it is a no joke workout!

Check it out below