August 28, 2017


Lets get fit! So in this post I'll be revealing my workouts for the week, If youve followed me in the past on IG or FB then I'm sure you may recall that I was in search for a personal trainer. Unfortunately, the search continues but this time I'm not just sitting around waiting. Through my research online (mostly pinterest) I've began to eat clean and hit the gym.

August 27, 2017


I've been missing in action! I know I know trust me I know, but the good news is I'm back balancing life and a business is definitely not for the faint at heart. I'm stepping my game up and moving forward in the right direction. Since we last touch basis I've turned one year older and have been working out (Next post will have all the deets on that!) getting ready for my upcoming vacation!!!! So this weeks Trader's trip is all focused on eating clean and keeping myself on track for a somewhat summer body for my trip. 

Exact shopping list and total inside

August 24, 2017


Life if you aren't careful it will have you all over the place, recently I had the pleasure of experiencing this first hand. It was like this huge project I needed to finish with the salon and it took over everyday, off days, morning thoughts and evening relaxation. I was stuck and could hardly do my usual daily task.

Then of course it finally dawned on me that I have about 1000 notebooks with list of things to do along with one of my favorite motivational IG accounts printables on how to manage your life and every single aspect of it.